Privacy Policy

ConneXionONE Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) will handle all user information (the “Personal Data”) collected from the Company’s dotarazzi service and all its related services (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Service”) in accordance with this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”).This Privacy Policy explains what kind of Personal Data the Company will collect, and how the Company will use and share such Personal Data, and how the user can manage his/her own Personal Data.

  • 1. Scope of Acquired Information

    The Company shall use and acquire user’s Personal Data in the following ways:

  • 1.1 User Information

    Some of our Services require you to register with us or sign up for an account before you can use them. We collect and use this information in order to authenticate you when you register an account and use the Services, to make sure you are eligible and able to receive the Services, and so that you receive the correct version of the Services.

    You may be required to have an account with a supported external single sign-on service in order to use some of our Services. Where this is the case, the Personal Data we collect also depends on which external accounts you choose to use, their privacy policy, and what your privacy settings with those services allow us to see when you use their services to access dotarazzi Services.

    If you choose to link your Google account to the Services, we will collect your Google email address and an authentication token provided by Google.

    If you choose to link your Facebook account to the Services, we will collect a unique user ID provided by Facebook and, if permitted by you, your Facebook registered email address.

    If you choose to link your Apple account to the Services, we will collect your email address on file with your Apple ID account or a private relayed email address if you use the Hide My Email option provided by Apple.

    If you choose to link your Twitter account to the Services, we will collect your Twitter Username and an authentication token provided by Twitter.

  • 1.2 Other User Information

    To allow users to use the Service as smoothly as possible, and to promote effortless communication between users, users may be asked to register additional profile information, such as display name, profile photo, introduction etc.

    Furthermore. Other users within the service can view profile and other information (in the form of text, videos, photos etc.) which the users themselves have registered or posted with the aim of sharing with other users. While submission is optional, if users decide not to provide such information, they may not be able to enjoy the whole or part of the Service.

  • 1.3 Promotional Events

    There may be occasions where users will be asked to provide details such as users’ name, address, phone number, email address, gender, and date of birth etc., for the purposes of surveys, draws as well as other promotional events, where the Company requires these details to courier prizes, and for the delivery of products.

  • 1.4 User Contact Information

    The Company acquires user information including email address, device type, and OS type etc., to help establish the user’s identity, for examination into reported problems and to provide an appropriate response to inquiries.

  • 1.5 Payment Information

    There may be occasions where the users’ credit card information will be acquired in order to process payments relating to purchases and paid services. The Company will not retain any credit card information as settlements of transactions shall be completed by the third-party payment agencies.

  • 1.6 Logs

    Upon access to the Service, the user’s IP address, browser type, and browser language etc., will be automatically obtained and stored. Such information will be used to analyze user environments, thereby enabling the Company to provide a better Service, as well as to prevent any unauthorized/fraudulent practices which interfere with normal Service operations.

  • 1.7 Location Information

    The Services may use location information transmitted from users’ mobile phones. The Company only uses such information within the scope that is necessary in order to provide the designated service. When users have not allowed their location information to be sent by managing the settings on their devices, location information will not be sent.

  • 1.8 Device Information

    The user’s device information (OS type, serial number, PC hardware information etc.) may be acquired upon access to the Service. This information shall be used for the provision of a better service, as well as for identification purposes and prevention of any unauthorized/fraudulent practices which interfere with normal Service operations.

  • 1.9 Cookies

    To provide the best possible service to users, as well as for maintenance and security purposes, cookies will be used to store user settings, to record access figures as well as monitoring usage patterns and statistics. Users can choose to deactivate cookies, however in such circumstances users will not be able to use part of the Service which requires cookies to be active.

  • 2. Purpose of User Personal Data

    Regarding the scope of usage of the user’s Personal Data, the Company shall use such information for any of the following purposes; provided that, if the specific purpose have already been announced upon collection of a particular user information, such collected information shall be used in accordance with the need and scope of such specific purpose:

    (a) to enable the Company to deal effectively with user inquiries;

    (b) to provide advertising information from the Company’s business partner;

    (c) to find people who the user knows, or may know and recommend or register them as friends;

    (d) to prevent any unauthorized/fraudulent use of the Service;

    (e) to offer an undisturbed and smooth Service to users;

    (f) to aggregate statistical data regarding the Service;

    (g) to conduct research and analysis aimed at reviewing and improving the Service;

    (h) to provide new future developments regarding the Service;

    (i) to draw winners for promotional events, courier gifts to those winners, and to deliver products, etc. ;

    (j) to perform identity checks when a user makes an inquiry etc. ;

    (k) to notify users of any important information regarding the Service and to contact users where necessary.

  • 3. Safety Control of Personal Data

    3.1 The Company will take technical and organizational security measures in managing the collected Personal Data for respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the user’s Personal Data, and preventing unauthorized access to such user’s Personal Data. These measures include safety control measures based on industry standards for preventing unauthorized access to Personal Data, and unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized use, falsification or destruction of the user’s Personal Data.

    However, because no electronic transmission method or data storage method is perfect or impenetrable, the Company cannot guarantee that the user’s Personal Data will be absolutely safe from intrusion during transmission or while stored in the systems.

    To help protect the user’s privacy and confidentiality of such user’s Personal Data, the Company also needs the user’s help. The Company strongly reminds that please do not share the password with others or use the same passwords as those used in other service account. Also, please immediately notify the Company when the user suspects any unauthorized access, use or change of such user’s account.

    3.2 For the purpose of providing safe and reliable service, the Company processes and stores key Personal Data on secure servers which are majorly located in [Taiwan] and in some cases, maybe located other countries outside the European Economic Area. There may be cases where the data protection level falls short of the data protection level required under the applicable laws in the user’s country or region. In such a case, the Company will take measures so that Personal Data is lawfully transferred to the server which has adequate level of data protection.

    3.3 The Company collects and retains Personal Data to provide the Service according to the user’s request, fulfill any of the purposes of use described in this Privacy Policy, and/or to comply with applicable laws.

    Unless the user requests the deletion of his/her Account, in principle, the Company will retain all of the user’s Personal Data. Once the user’s account is deleted, the Company will retain and process the user’s Personal Data properly according to the applicable laws and the Company’s internal rules for a certain period of time for any of the following purposes:

    to reply to the user’s inquiries;

    to resolve disputes or collect fees;

    to detect and/or deter fraudulent use of, or abuse of, the Service;

    to comply with the applicable laws.

    The Company may continue to retain Personal Data in a format in which individuals cannot be identified after the lapse of the storage period provided by the applicable laws and the Company’s internal rules.

  • 4. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

    Unless otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy or under any of the following circumstances, the Company will never provide the user’s Personal Data to any third parties:

    (a) when the user agrees to such provisions in advance;

    (b) when the company shares the user’s Personal Data with the Company’s subsidiaries and/or affiliates for the purpose of providing the Service;

    (c) when the law requires the Company to do so (including when the company is required to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and/or government agencies);

    (d) when the Company finds sufficient enough reasons to believe that the user is violating the Terms of Service of the Service and there is need to disclose the user’s Personal Data in order to protect the Company’s rights, properties, and/or the Service;

    (e) when it is necessary for the protection of a person’s life, body, and/or property which may suffer material harm;

    (f) when it is necessary for the improvement of public health and/or public interest or to promote the sound growth of children;

    (g) when the Company engages in or negotiates any proposed or actual merger, purchase, sale, joint venture, or any other type of acquisition or business combination of all or any of portion of the Company’s assets, or transfer of all or a portion of the Company’s business to another company, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization, or similar transaction or proceeding that involves the transfer of Personal Data described in this Privacy Policy.

  • 5. Delegation to External Service Providers

    In order to provide the better Service, the Company will seek a third party to act as a service provider to process user data when needed, which may include the user’s Personal Data. The Company will strictly evaluate all such third-party service providers to ensure that such service providers have an appropriate and safe information management system. The Company will require the service providers to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the processing of the user’s Personal Data. The Company also will require that the service provider can only access the user’s Personal Data when performing contractual duties in accordance with the Company’s instructions and may not use for other purposes.

  • 6. Shared Use of Personal Data

    The Company may share the user’s Personal Data with a business partner, when a business partner’s cooperation is needed in order to keep providing the Service to the user. In such circumstances, the Company will inform the user regarding the purpose of information sharing, the name of the business partner and contact information, as well as the type of shared information before sharing the user’s Personal Data with such business partner. The Company will share the user’s Personal Data within the necessary scope with the business partner for providing the Service and will require the business partner to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the processing of user Personal Data.

  • 7. Measurement of Advertising Effectiveness

    The Company may install third-party modules within the smartphone versions of the Service application in order to measure the effectiveness of the advertising provided by the advertising agencies. Details regarding the third-party modules can be viewed here. With regard to the user’s Personal Data which is processed by a third-party through the module provided by such third party, the privacy policy of such third party will apply.

  • 8. User Rights to Personal Data

    The user has rights regarding his or her Personal Data processed by the Company, such as the right to access such user’s Personal Data and the right to correct such user’s Personal Data, to the extent permitted under applicable laws.

    The Company will exert efforts to provide features in the Service which enable the user to personally edit his or her profile, and to manage the settings regarding the collection, use and sharing of such user’s Personal Data directly through the Service. The Company recommends that the user periodically confirms that no inaccurate information is remaining, and properly updates his or her Personal Data.

    To the extent permitted under applicable laws, regarding the user’s Personal Data that the Company processes, the user has the right to access, the right to rectification, the right to erase, the right to restriction of processing, the right to withdrawal of consent, the right to data portability, the right to confirm if the Company processes any Personal Data of the user, and the right to request a review of any automated decisions that may be made as a result of the processing.

    In addition, to the extent permitted under applicable laws, the user also has the right to object to the processing of such user’s Personal Data that the Company processes in certain cases.

    Please note that the rights of the user hereinabove will vary depending on the nationality and location of the user. The Company will accordingly provide the user with specific rights to such user’s Personal Data in accordance with and within the scope of the applicable laws and in such circumstances, the user may not have every right mentioned hereinabove.

    Specifically, the Company provides the following features in the Service:

    Confirmation and change of public profile information, and setting of the user ID in the Service;

    By sharing the user’s ID to add other users as friends and to enable other users to contact such users;

    Whether to add contacts automatically using the phone book on the user’s device.

    If the user wish to exercise his or her right to disclose such user’s Personal Data that cannot be confirmed in the Service, correct or delete such user’s Personal Data that is contrary to facts, notify such user of the purpose of use of such user’s Personal Data, or other rights permitted under applicable laws, the user may contact the Company either by sending an email or by sending a message to the Company’s Facebook fan page.

    After verification of the user’s identity, the Company will respond to such user’s request within a reasonable period of time, and in accordance with relevant laws.

    However, when permitted under the applicable laws, the Company may not be able to respond to the user’s request when any of the following applies:

    disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the user or another individual;

    disclosure is likely to seriously impede the proper execution of the Company’s business;

    disclosure violates other laws and regulations;

    when the user failed to verify his or her identity upon such user’s disclosure request;

    the Company is otherwise permitted under applicable laws to refuse the user’s request.

    If the user no longer wishes to use the Service or if the user withdraws his or her consent to the Company’s processing of such user’s Personal Data which is necessary for the Company to provide the Service, the user may choose to delete such user’s entire account.

    However, the withdrawal of the consent will not in any way affect the lawfulness of the Company’s processing of such user’s Personal Data based on such user’s consent that was given before the foregoing withdrawal.

    If the user has any requests or complaints related to the Company’s use of his or her Personal Data, please contact the Company at any time.

    Unless prohibited under applicable laws, if the user exercises any of his or her rights hereinabove, the Company may charge a fee depending on the kinds of the procedures.

  • 9. Personal Data of Minors

    The Company is especially concerned about the safety and protection of the Personal Data of minors collected and used online.

    The Service is intended for a general audience. If a minor is to use the Service and provides Personal Data, the minor must use the Service with the consent of his/her guardian. The user represents and warrants that he/she has the legal capacity required for using the Service. If the user is a minor, the user represents and warrants that he/she is using the Service with the consent of his/her guardian. The Company has imposed age restrictions in the Service to make sure the minor aware of the necessity of acquiring the permission of his/her guardian.

    The Company understands the necessity to provide the special protection to the minor who uses the service in the United States or Europe (under the age of 13 in the U.S., and under the age of 16 in Europe) for such minor’s Personal Data, and the Company does not knowingly collect any Personal Data from minors.

    If you believe that the Company might have collected Personal Data from minors, please let us know either by sending an email or by sending a message to the Company’s Facebook fan page. In the event that the Company learns that it has inadvertently collected Personal Data from minors, the Company will deactivate the relevant account(s) holding by the minor and will take reasonable measures to promptly delete such Personal Data from the Company’s records.

    For the minors, the Company suggests that any person under age shall use the Service with supervision from his/her parents or guardians. The parent or guardian may withdraw the consent previously made by sending the notice through email or mail to the Company, and also may send a request to the Company to review or request the deletion of his/her children’s Personal Information.

  • 10. Modifications to this Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time and the latest version of the Privacy Policy will always be posted in the Service. When the Company makes any material changes to this Privacy Policy, the Company will notify the User by publishing in the Service, or by other reasonable means. The Company encourages the user to review the Privacy Policy carefully and periodically.

    If the user does not agree to any of the changes to this Privacy Policy, the user may choose to close his/her account. Continuing to use the Service after such changes has been published in the Service or notified to the user in other reasonable means constitutes the user’s acceptance of the changes and consent to the modified version of the Privacy Policy. The Company will request the user to express consent in a specific manner when otherwise required by the applicable laws.

  • 11. Inquiries

    If users have any uncertainty about this Privacy Policy or questions, complaints, or comments on the handling of personal information related to the Service, please reach the Company by sending an email.

Date of last update: August 23, 2022