About us

Do you have a lot of moments worth sharing? A rare and fascinating scenery, a squeamish sigh of relief, an accidental capture of the scene, or some moments in your life that you can't help WOW at the moment?

Are you tired of well? Crafted community, and just want to be free and speak your mind, and to hear different voices from around the world? Wondering if there are people who feel the same way about these small everyday things as you?

Now open dotarazzi, share the moments around you, and explore the different moments worldwide!

why dotarazziwhy dotarazzi


why “dotarazzi”?

A brand new term combining “dot” and “paparazzi”. Life is connecting one dot to the next, continuously connecting dots make up the moments of daily life. Those who perceive the world with their whole heart and live in the moment are the best-informed and most reliable local observer (dotarazzo)!


what we believe

We hope to create a platform where "freedom of expression" and "real everyday life" coexist: anyone can express their ideas freely, feel safe, comfortable and recognized through unedited video. We believe there is a priceless freedom to speak up and speak out, to share the truth without fear.


how you “dot”

It only allows you to upload instant photos or 30-second short videos. You won’t be able to upload video or images, through the anonymous posting mechanism, let the original content speak for you. Each post you created becomes a new "dot" on the map, and will be vanished after 24 hours, allowing you to share and explore the freshest local news anytime, anywhere.



undot &

dot moments

dotarazzi allows all free and fearless voices,

and also gives the freedom of choice to

every dotarazzo.


All users can express their consensus for the content by clicking dot+1 or undot-1 on the post. The popular posts with the most dots will be listed on the daily updated leaderboard dot moments, to create topical influences; discover the best moments from around the world every day from the most voted trending posts. The posts with the most undots will be hidden automatically, allowing the public to jointly decide what good content is worth seeing on dotarazzi.